Young Thug Beautiful Thugger Girls REVIEW

Young Thug motherfucker dropped his debut studio album entitled Beautiful Thugger Girls. Beautiful Thugger Girls was executively produced by Drake and released June 16th 2017. Essentially, Beautiful Thugger Girls is targeted as a cross-over album for Thug. Singing and vocal experimentation is fully on display in Beautiful Thugger Girls with arguably Thug’s most developed melodies to date.

Thug must have been in this mood when creating Beautiful Thugger Girls

Sliding on the competition! Ayye


Tracks 1-5

Okay! The intro to Beautiful Thugger Girls sets the scene accordingly as a hybrid Hip Hop-Country fusion record. Family Don’t Matter creates a nice vibe featuring Millie Go Lightly. Strings from the guitar are prominent in this track so the experimentation begins. Tomorrow Till Infinity is a smash with an undeniable melody that creates a deep sense of hedonism. Thug’s distinct vocal range is on display as he swag raps on them. Clearly one of the standout tracks on the album. Track 3 is She Wanna Party where Thug serenades a young woman who wants to play with a real nigga. He implores the young woman to play her fucking role! Aggressive but I love it.

Brag Rap in Beautiful Thugger Girls

Daddy’s Birthday is introspective so the album changes tempo with a mellow instrumental. Thug continues the trend of name dropping hot designer brands despite the “humble” choice of beat. He may have “dropped out of school and bought a chain” but he was at the Met Gala – just so you know. Do You Love Me is a Caribbean sounding track so you already know that is the sound that these Americans/Canadians are currently chasing. Thug’s melody is deliberately broken to ride the beat well.

Tracks 6-10

Relationship is the 6th track and features Future which is a great look.  Comparisons are frequently made between Thug and Future due to their high quality melody repertoire and this is is a low-key summer hit. You Said is another standout tune on Beautiful Thugger Girls. Shorty is telling Thug she is going to rock his world sexually but falls short of the mark. Damn fam!

“You said you’ gone fuck me to death when you see me
You said that, you said that

Hendrix and Thug collaborate on Relationship

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On Fire is a head nodder and reveals the evolving depth of Thugs artistry as our ears are fully occupied by the instrumentation. Chiraq producer Young Chop laces Get High featuring Snoop Dogg and Chiraq savage Lil Durk. Legendary Snoop’s flow is effortless on this laid back beat to get you lyrically high off the track. Feel It is sure to get you into a zone as the hook is emphasised.

Tracks 11-14

Me or Us showcases Thug’s ability to rap over a variety of instrumentals and post-release will feature Travis Scott according to the rapper. Thug raps about one of his 6 yutes (kids) and his fiancé in Oh Yeah and is intended to grab emotions. As I See For Y’all sounds like Part 2 to Ice Melts off Drake More Life REVIEW A Complete run-down

We’re moving, we’re moving and Take Care is the outro song to Beautiful Thugger Girls. Thus concludes in your mind that Thug wanted to sonically take it somewhere else on this project which he did.



Melodies are plentiful in Beautiful Thugger Girls and as I mentioned before the melodies are well developed. I may be pushed to skip one song (two if I’m being overly critical) on a 14 song album so that is the testament to a solid body of work. Salute to Thug and hopefully this project helps him blow on the MainStage.





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