Imperious Entertainment is proud to present the newest addition to the brand! Our YouTube presence was so necessary.

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What to expect?

Entertainment. Hilarious comments, which are not manufactured for our supporters. Our own unique insight and perspective on all aspects of the culture delivered as a dichotomy between sophistication and the streets.

Numerous superlatives will be lobbied at us with our YouTube platform – but we will take it all in our stride.

Name of YouTube channel

Imperious RECCIDS

New addition

YouTube is part of the inevitable progression of the brand, which is about 6 months old following the inception on the internet. YouTube will host the visuals of Imperious Entertainment through various driving concepts. These concepts will be developed and to whet the appetite, the following are the names of some of these concepts:

  • Monologue Season
  • Primacy Podcast
  • Exclusive Interviews


Imperious Entertainment pride ourselves on being easily accessible and wish to interact even more with our supporters. On all our social media platforms we encourage discussion and the reward comes from supporters taking the plunge and expressing their opinions. Everybody has a voice. Fans and Haters alike. The YouTube comments section promises to be real interesting especially as we gain momentum.

What can you do?

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Social Media

The links to all our social media platforms will be available in each of our videos on YouTube.

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Don’t sleep on us.

Imperious Entertainment is moving..

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Love Y’ALL

Imperious Entertainment